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Help Us Make Visits to NYC Jails More Humane

In partnership with one of our sibling organizations, the Jails Action Coalition (JAC), SRLP is helping to gather stories of transgender, gender non-conforming, and intersex (TGNCI) people who would like to visit loved ones in the NYC jails but encounter difficulties when trying to visit. Even if you have never visited because you are worried about the experience, that is also something we want to hear about!

If you are a TGNCI person or if you are trying to visit a TGNCI person, we would love to share your story to help improve visitation. You can reach out to Mik Kinkead, SRLP’s Director of the Prisoner Justice Project at or call him at 212-337-8550, ext. 302. You can also reach out to Kymare Hutchinson at or by calling 646-923-8340.

Learn more about visiting by checking out this great guide to visiting created by JAC.

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