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We believe that storytelling is a revolutionary act…


so, we created this space to share the activities and stories of our Prisoner Advisory Committee (PAC).


Valentine's day card writing 2-10-15

SRLP’s new Prisoner Justice Project Director, Mik Kinkead

It is an honor and a privilege to say hello to you as SRLP’s new Prisoner Justice Project Director. Since I first became involved in 2008, working with SRLP collective members, staff, and clients has helped me deepen my understanding that liberation is a process powerfully led by members of our community who are most […]

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Jails Action Coalition photo 1-16-15

Steps toward abolition: Solitary confinement is limited in NYC, but not over yet

The news is abuzz about changes regarding young people in solitary at Rikers and other New York City jails. SRLP is excited to share this insightful article by Victoria Law (author of “Resistance Behind Bars” and “Don’t Leave Your Friends Behind”) highlighting the work of our friends and comrades at the NYC Jails Action Coalition […]

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How does solitary confinement affect prisoners? Read Dee Dee’s letter and call to action

Dee Dee’s sixty-to-life prison sentence has taken an agonizing toll on her well-being, and subjected her to violence both emotional and physical at the hands of the prison industrial complex. As a jailhouse lawyer, she struggles to engage in effective work due to the limitations of her solitary confinement, which not only prevents her from […]

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Sisterhood is more than siblinghood, for Prisoner Advisory Committee Member Synthia

Unable to support her sister in person, Synthia sends her love and encouragement from behind bars, through this prayer. “A Prayer,” by Ms. Synthia China Blast Dedicated to Rebecca Oshun-Leti Morales. I do not believe that the accident of birth makes people sisters. It makes them siblings. Gives them mutuality of parentage. Sisterhood are conditions […]

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Solitary confinement, “a cruel and unusual punishment that benefits no one…nothing about it rehabilitates…”

Dee Dee Webber survives in an isolated cell  for at least 23 hours every day, without human interaction. She is a trans woman in a prison for men, and she has been in solitary confinement for the past 4 years. Webber’s discussion of her experiences in Involuntary Protective Custody helps to illustrate some of the […]

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A lovestory from “one of the darkest corners of this world”

Very rarely have I read “spark of life,” “amazing,” or “captivating” used by trans and gender non-conforming people–or anyone for that matter–to describe their experiences in prison. It is good to hear about finding love, and  “sparks of life” behind bars. In this letter, Lexy, an incarcerated trans woman in Midstate Correctional Facility, describes some of […]

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From someone currently incarcerated in the prison system: The Prison Rape Elimination Act is not working as it should.

Warning: The following letter includes topics of  sexual  mistreatment or abuse. If you may be triggered by these topics, proceed with caution. In her last letter, Lennea shared with us an incident of sexual harassment and her attempts at seeking basic protective measures, and the resulting injustice she received at the hands of the prison […]

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How difficult (or unsafe) can it be to work out or to buy lotion in prison?

In a letter following her introduction posted a few weeks ago, Lennea gives us a a few updates from this past March. Topics include the nuances of obtaining transition-related materials and procedures in prison, and her difficulties with the administration around issues of sexual harassment and alleged sexual conduct. Warning: The following letter includes topics […]

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New prison mail: it takes courage to say “hello” to the voice that is you

Introduction to Lennea Elizabeth Stevens.  Lennea plans to submit regularly to the PAC blog, to document and share her experiences as an incarcerated trans woman. In her first post, Lennea also shares some of her experience and thoughts on beginning to discover and come to terms with her inner voice.   “Transitioning the Hard Way: […]

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