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Small Works for Big Change 2016 Art Catalog

SRLP’s biggest fundraising event of the year, Small Works for Big Change raises money to support SRLP’s crucial work to provide free legal services and build movement power with trans and gender nonconforming low-income and people of color in New York City. Join us and register to attend the free event on August 28, 2016 at 41 Cooper Gallery at 41 Cooper Square, New York, NY 10008.

This art catalog is in formation – check back for more updates!

AK Burns – Untitled (swipes)

Andrea Geyer – Chelsea

Angela Miskis – Watermelon

Anna Campbell – Across the Surface

Anthony Iacono – Blade

Ariel Goldberg – Stick

Ary Smith – Apples in the Fall

Ary Smith – Sunday Shoes

Brian Healey – Still Waiting

Buzz Slutsky – Purple Color Study

Carrie Yamaoka

Chris Domenick – Framed O

Christine Stoddard – Lady Tyger

Christine Stoddard – Moss Nest

Colin Self – No More Else

Cristy C Road – Protect Trans Lives

Cristy C Road – Raza Encendida

Cristy C Road – The Chariot

Cristy C Road – Women of Color Against Militarism

Danielle Swalya – Succulence

Danielle Swalya – The Window

David Needleman – Robin Lord Taylor by David Needleman

Dee L. Stone – Face of Love series

EJ Hill

Elia Alba – La Jaba

Elise Gardella – Pretty Flowers

Elizabeth Atterbury – Untitled (Mortar number 2)

Em Rooney – Moon Shoes

Emily Roysdon – Calendar

Felipe Baeza – Desde Niño Siempre Fui Penoso

Gabriel Lee – Against All Odds

Geo Wyeth – I Shit You Not

Heidi Howard – Fabric Project Peter Clough 7

J Cook – Woman in the Shadow

J Diaz – Even Flowers Bleed

J. Diaz – Hanging out with the Boys

J. Diaz – Our Flaming Hearts Will Not Be Denied

J. Diaz – Stop the Mistreatment of Trans and Queer Prisoners

Johanna Breiding – #Enough

Jonah Groeneboer – Interference Composition IV.

Josh Thorson – Condom Abstraction #4 (series of 12)

Joy Episalla – AerilView1a

Jules Gimbrone – Big and Bold, Not Dripping T-Shirt

Jules Rosskam – Trans Men on Grindr_Feminist Icons

Juliana Huxtable – Nuwaub Chair

Kae Whalen – through the stone grows the grass

Kalani Catbagan – Anohni

Karina Aviva Benjamin – Lola

Katherine Alexandria – Harley 1, Harley 2, Harley 3

Katherine Hubbard – Untitled

Laimah Osman – HEAT

Leah Moskowitz – Partial Aura (reversed and drained)

Leilah Babirye – White Man with Hat

Linda Sutker Cope – From my Studio

Mariah Garnett – Open Letter Video Still 2

Marika Plater – Sunrise in Provincetown

Marin Watts – Self Portrait W/ Cream #1

Martyn Thompson – Heart Of Glass #7

Melanie Braverman – “Serial Monogamy” from the series Merit Badges

Melanie Cervantes – Between the Leopard and the Jaguar

Mik Kinkead – Untitled

Monica Trinidad – The Dream is Real

Montgomery Smith – Interior

MPA – “Untitled”


Nadia Awad – Untitled

Nancy Brooks Brody – BOOKMARK

Natalie Case – Bring Color, Bring Light

Patrick Staff – Self Pollution (1)

Paul Mpagi Sepuya – Mirror

Peter Cramer – One Way Empire

Rhys Ernst –  Print of 35mm Film Still from ​We’ve Been Around Lucy Hicks Anderson

Rosanna Ferraro Jensen – Wahe Guru Wahe Jio

Sarah Sills – Moonshine

Shayne Punim – Monkey Wrench

Shreya Shah – A Tough & Expansive Love

Susan Spangenberg – Patient Area Keep Gate Locked

Talcott Broadhead – Gender Truths!

Trina Rose – Subject of the Real


Vaginal Davis – Princess Edmond de Polignac

Whit Flόrez – Leave Space For Tomorrow; Words Make Up the World; Love Your Body

Xylor Jane – 2,457,454 M

Zac Slams – I Was a Teenage Plastic Surgeon